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Chuck Quinton - PGA Professional / Founder Rotary Swing

Finally, a Nutritional Supplement That Actually Works! 

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Chuck here.  As some of you know, I've struggled a lot with sports injuries in my life.  From a broken neck (c1 burst fracture in 5 places), countless torn ligaments and then just the aches that come with age.  I sometimes feel like I need a vacation from my body!  When I made rotaryswing, I wanted it to not only be the most efficient swing from a biomechanic standpoint, but the safest as well.  However, even with a safe swing, long range sessions or getting through 18 holes can still be exhausting and hard on your joints if you're not a finely tuned athlete.  Even more so if you've had previous injuries like me, or you're getting up there in age and you simply don't recover like you used to.  As i've recently learned, though, it doesn't have to be this way for good.  If you want to have an active lifestyle and still be at your best afterward, I've discovered that that's now possible.  Now, I get a lot of products that come by my desk; especially golf training aids that quickly get dismissed as junk.  To say I was skeptical when a member introduced me to an inflammation-reducing supplement would be a major understatement.  However, as you'll learn in my video, the results were quite staggering.  I went from thinking it was just a placebo effect, to now true believer!

Watch the video below to hear my story about my experience with JoMo...

I've pushed my body to pretty extreme limits throughout my career in sports.  From professional snowboard mountaineering, professional golfer and racing anything with wheels, my body has taken it's share of bumps and bruises.  But, now with JoMo, I feel like when I wake up I get a clean slate each day.  My body feels better rested, far less sore and ready to tackle a new day.

Chuck Quinton 


Dean Alexander - PGA Master Professional and Life Member


Dean Alexander

I began having knee pain in the fall of 2017 during road bike rides.  Andy Sutton, JoMo owner, sent me 2 bottles of JoMo right after Christmas.  Within a week of being on JoMo, I noticed a difference in my back and other joints.  So far this year my rides have been from 20-32 miles with zero knee issues or pain.  I've also noticed after rounds of golf this spring that nothing else hurts like it used to! 

If you are over 50 and active you need to be on something, and JoMo works!  I introduced my long time student and friend Charlie Rymer to it and he's seen the same benefits I have.