10 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Lemon water

1) Boosts the immune system

Lemons contain Vitamin C, and as you know, Vitamin C is the most important macronutrient for our immune system.

2) Regulates blood pressure

One lemon per day reduces high blood pressure by 10%.  So, get that water in the morning and enjoy the day.

3) Great source of potassium

A lemon is a good source of potassium, even better than apples.

4) Aids in digestion

One of the main benefits of lemon water is flushing toxins.  By drinking a glass of water with some lemons, you flush toxins from your body.

5) Cleanses the liver

By cleansing your liver, you ensure that this very important organ can do an efficient job.

6) Reduces joint pain

Lemon water reduces both joint pain and muscle pain.

7) Keeps your skin blemish free

With some antioxidants, lemon water decreases blemishes and wrinkles.  Your skin will look rejuvenated, clean, healthy and shiny.

8) Fights infections

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of lemons, infections are easy to fight off.

9) Lose weight

Consuming lemon water will make you feel full longer so you can avoid those sugar craving especially in the morning.

10) Reduces inflammation

 Fun Fact: lemon contains acids, and it reduces the acidity of your body.